Scruminology (Scrum Terminology)

User stories – Something a user wants, and is a self contained unit of work. Stories are the building blocks of a sprint.

user story template:

As a <type of user> I <want/can/am able to/ need to,etc.> so that <some reason>

Epic – Big user story. Usually need to be broken down into separate user stories.

Theme – A collection of user stories that fall under the same category.

Sprint Backlog – is a list of tasks identified by the Scrum team to be completed during the sprint. They are usually in the form of user stories.

Contents of the sprint backlog:

1. tasks (decomposed from user stories that were accepted by the team for the current sprint).

2. Story points or time estimates for individual tasks.

3. Refinements or “definition of done” as it relates to a specific story or task.

4. In-sprint stories or goals added by the team to support the current sprint goal.

Product backlog – It is a prioritized features list usually composed of user stories. It is usually made up of the following kinds of items:
1. features
2. bugs
3. technical work
4. knowledge acquisition

Product Backlog typical columns:
ID, Theme, As a/an, I want to…, so that…, Notes, Priority, Status